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NS or LR, B-Complex, B12 (x2), Magnesium (x2), Glutathione (x2), Taurine (x3), NAD 100mg, (Lipo or Amino Blend)

IV Therapy For Athletic Performance in Denver, CO

Need to reach your peak performance? This IV cocktail was built with serious athletes in mind. Taurine, NAD, and LipoC will help kick out toxins and inflammation and provide natural energy to enhance athletic performance and overall well being. Ask your medical provider about all of the benefits of NAD.

U.S. Mobile Medics is determined to change the world of healthcare for athletes and regular patients in Denver, CO. Our team is here to help you feel their best with our at-home IV therapy services. Whether you are recovering from a tough game, training for ultimate athletic performance, or want to give your body all it needs for an intense or regular workout, our IV therapy is what your body needs. If you are interested in our Performance bag, or want to learn more about this package, contact us today! 

What Is In A Performance IV Therapy Package?

How Can In-Home Performance IV Therapy Help You?

The Performance bag is here to give your body everything it needs after a tough training or tiring game. Revive and refresh with an IV therapy package that is catered to your fatigue, athletic goals, and busy schedule. Discover below just some of the things a Performance bag IV therapy helps athletes target.

Athletic Recovery

Recovering from an intense game or training session can be done simply and with convenience at U.S. Mobile Medics. Our Performance bag helps athletes recovery faster and thrive during their next game.

Enhance Peformance

Athletes have busy training schedules and sometimes back-to-back games. The Performance bag helps them enhance their athletic performance by coming back stronger, hydrated & refreshed to play.

Fights Fatigue

Performing your best requires all your strength and effort as an athlete. Fight post-game fatigue with the Performance bag. Replenish your body and fight off tiredness and soreness.

Hydrates The Body

Hydration is one of the greatest benefits of every IV therapy session. The Performance bag gives your body ultimate levels of hydration so your body is replenished off and on the field.

Boosts Energy

After a game or training where you gave it all you got, an IV therapy session can help you gain back some energy. Boost your energy with a Performance bag IV therapy and get ready for your next game.

FAQ About Performance IV Therapy For Athletes

IV therapy helps the body to recover after a tough workout and prepare the body with all it needs for the next one. During an athletic game or intense workout, the body loses lots of sweat, water, and electrolytes it needs to perform well. With IV therapy, the body can quickly replenish its essential ingredients to help athletes feel less tired and sore. Certain bags include NAD+ for optimal energy and performance, while others include medications to help ease pain and soreness. Athletes are able to get maximum energy, endurance, and stamina with IV therapy bags like the Performance Bag!

Athletes can rely on IV therapy to give their body what it needs or may be lacking after an intense performance or training session. Many athletes may suffer from cramps after a training session or game, dehydration, and overall exhaustion after an especially intense game. IV therapy helps with those three issues and more by replenishing the body with nutrients, hydration, and other essential vitamins and electrolytes to promote a fast recovery. Glutathione, Vitamin C, and other essential nutrients in the bag help athletes feel much better after a tough game or training session by promoting healing, reducing stress, and promoting hydration.

After a workout or during an athlete’s recovery process, IV therapy is essential for speeding up the process and giving the body the attention it deserves without a doctor visit. Recovering after a workout can be painful, tiring, and inconvenient for busy athletes. IV therapy helps by knocking off the time athletes need to rest and keep off their feet, by providing their bodies with the essentials it needs to kick butt on the field! IV therapy instantly works by hydrating the body and replenishing lost nutrients and electrolytes the athlete has lost on the field much faster than any oral supplement or beverage. Performance IV therapy includes antioxidants to reduce inflammation and speed up healing in the body. This allows athletes to recover quicker and more effectively by giving their body what it needs to thrive during a performance and come back faster than ever.


Yes, IV therapy works for athletes and helps their performance and energy levels thrive. Performance IV therapy helps athletes gain what they need from nutrients, hydration, and antioxidants so they can perform their best on the field. Our performance bag contains 100 MG of NAD which is extremely beneficial for athletes to improve their speed, performance, and reaction time so they can perform even better on and off the field.

Schedule Your Performance At-Home IV Therapy Today!

If you’re an athlete in Denver, CO and the surrounding area, and want to improve your athletic performance, request a service for our Performance Bag today! We’re here to help athletes recover quicker, thrive faster, and perform more efficiently on the field. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and discover stronger, faster you!

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