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Build Your Own IV Therapy Bag in Denver, CO

Looking for your own mix of ingredients or don’t see the exact bag your body needs? U.S. Mobile Medics allows you to build-a-bag! This option is great for picking and choosing a fully customizable bag that is catered to your body and what it may be lacking. If you know exactly what to add, our team is ready to help you get there, but if you are unsure what customized mix you need, our team is also more than happy to guide you along in the process.

We’re committed to helping you find what works best for your body so you can thrive. Learn more about building your own IV therapy bag with us below, or contact us for more information!

How Building Your Own IV Therapy Bag Works

Step 1: Choose Your Solution ($100)

Step 2: Choose Your Add-Ins

Vitamins $25 each (add 3, get 4th free)

Medications $35 each (add 3, get the 4th free)

Not sure what to add? Contact us with any questions and which add-ins are right for you!

FAQ About IV Therapy Build-A-Bag Services

Not a doctor or registered nurse? No problem! Simply tell us what your boy needs and our team will help put together the perfect custom blend! Tell us your symptoms and recovery needs, and our medical team will give you an IV bag that is as simple or complex as you want it to be with the above add-ins!

Choosing a custom IV cocktail with our build-a-bag service allows your body to get a catered experience to healthcare. IV therapy is not one size fits all, and just because there are premixed cocktails prepared for patients, doesn’t mean that every body needs the same level of care. Some patients may need higher amounts of vitamins or medications to give their body the best experience possible. Our build-a-bag service allows you to get just that by giving your body exactly what it needs!

Build Your Custom IV Therapy Cocktail Today!

Ready for a customized approach to healthcare? U.S. Mobile Medics is ready to give your body the dedicated attention it needs with our build-a-bag service. Choose from our vitamins and medication add-ins and get ready to feel like your best self in Denver, CO! Contact us today for more information on selecting your own vitamins and medications for adding on to your IV therapy bag!

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