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NS or LR, B-Complex, B12 (x1), Magnesium (x2), Glutathione (x4), Choice of anti-nausea med (Zofran or Reglan), Toradol

IV Therapy For Hangover Relief in Denver, CO

It was already a long night, so why spend the next day suffering? When you need it, get hangover relief with U.S. Mobile Medics. With a surge of energy and maximum hydration, this IV rejuvenation infusion can help with headaches, nausea, fatigue, and stress by replenishing the necessary electrolytes and minerals your body needs.

U.S. Mobile Medics is here to help you after a long night out. Never skip out on a fun night out by worrying about a hangover the next day! Our hangover package is the perfect blend of the hydration and electrolytes your body needs to recover after a couple too many drinks! Learn more about our mobile iv for hangovers, or contact us today!

What Is In A Mobile IV Therapy Package For Hangovers?

How Can IV Therapy Help You Recover From A Hangover?

The Hangover bag is here to give your body everything it needs after a rough night out. As you drink alcohol, your body becomes dehydrated and loses essential electrolytes it needs to feel strong and healthy. Revive and refresh with an IV therapy package that is catered to beating a tough hangover or a long night of drinking. Discover below just some of the things a Hangover bag IV therapy helps patients target.

Nausea Relief

No one wants to feel the room spinning after a night out of drinking. Stop your hangover nausea with IV therapy. Easing the body with necessary medication and hydration, you can feel relaxed and ready to get out of bed.

Headache Relief

IV therapy for hangovers helps relieve a pounding headache after a late night out. When hydration, vitamins, and electrolytes enter right into the bloodstream, they provide faster headache relief than oral medication.

Liver Detox

Remove toxins and replenish the body with hydration and electrolytes after drinking. This helps improve liver function by delivering essential nutrients and hydration to an overworked liver.

Hydrates The Body

Hydration is one of the greatest benefits of every IV therapy session. The Hangover bag gives your body ultimate levels of hydration so your body is replenished after drinking those alcoholic beverages.

Boosts Energy

After going to bed late and being on your feet all that night, an IV therapy session can help you gain back some energy. Boost your energy with Hangover mobile IV therapy and avoid spending the day in bed.

Boosts Immunity

After going to bed late and being around a lot of people in a packed bar, it's always a good idea to boost your immune system with IV therapy. IV therapy works to keep your body hydrated and healthy, preventing sickness.

FAQ About IV Therapy For Hangovers

IV therapy helps with hangovers because the essential hydration and electrolytes a hangover patient needs can enter the bloodstream immediately. This works faster and more effectively than oral medication, supplements, and drinkable electrolyte beverages.


The best IV fluid for a hangover is a medical-grade IV solution. U.S. Mobile Medics offers both NS and LR (normal saline or lactated ringer) for our mobile IV therapy and drip services. Both options, including a B-Complex, are the best IV fluid for your hangover.

At U.S. Mobile Medics, we offer both NS and LR for our Hangover Bag IV therapy. If you are wondering which is best for treating hangovers, LR is more commonly suggested for helping with dehydration, making it the better choice for your hangover. After drinking, you are dehydrated and lack essential electrolytes and hydration your body needs to feel good. NS contains water and salt, whereas LR contains water, salt, and three other electrolytes critical to assist your body in recovery.

Zofran helps alleviate common hangover symptoms, which is why it is included in our Hangover Bag. Zofran helps with nausea and vomiting, which is often associated with a hangover. If you are not feeling your best after a long night out of drinking, our Hangover Bag is sure to do the trick.

Tackle Your Hangover With IV Therapy Today!

If you’re struggling from a rough night out and are facing the horrible signs of a hangover, mobile IV therapy can help you recover quickly! No one wants to lay in bed all day feeling nauseous and dehydrated, the smart thing to do is request a service for our Hangover Bag today! We’re here to help patients recover quicker from a late night out of drinking, while gaining the amazing health benefits of a mobile IV sessions! Contact us today to schedule your appointment and discover healthier, happier you!

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