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B12, Vitamin C (x5), Zinc (x2), Glutathione, Vitamin D (injection)

IV Therapy For Immunity in Denver, CO

Feeling those first signs of a cold? Our Immunity IV package uses a mix of potent antioxidants to help boost your body’s natural immune response to help you fight off illness and infection so you can get on with your life.

U.S. Mobile Medics is committed to helping the Denver, CO area remain strong and healthy! If you are interested in requesting a service for our Immunity IV therapy treatment, or want to learn more about this package, contact us today! Our team is happy to provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive! Get started with us today and experience the immunity boost your body needs!

What Is In An IV Therapy Bag For Immunity?

How Can IV Therapy For Immunity Help You?

Are you sick or feel like you are coming down with something!? Our IV therapy for immunity will help stop sickness in it’s tracks and help you recover much quicker if you do get sick. Discover below the amazing benefits of our Immunity Bag at U.S. Mobile Medics!

Prevent Sickness

The #1 goal of the immune system is to protect the body's health. With our immunity bag, your immune system gets an immediate kick of what it needs to protect and prevent sickness.

Recover/Heal Faster

If you are feeling run down or have already caught something, our immunity bag helps give your body the hydration and nutrients it needs to recover faster and more effectively.

Less Tired

A boosted immune system keeps the whole body sharp, healthy and focused! By choosing the immunity bag you help boost your body's health and energy levels.

Clearer Skin

When your immune system is strong, you skin, hair, and nails can benefit. Glowing skin, strong nails, and increased hair growth are amazing benefits of our immunity bag.

FAQ About Myers' Cocktail IV Therapy

With an intravenous infusion, the body can immediately receive necessary nutrients and antioxidants into the bloodstream. This is not possible with oral pills or supplements, as they take much longer for the body to respond. With the essential ingredients in the immunity bag (Vitamin C, B12, Zinc, Glutathione, Vitamin D), the body gets the necessary nutrients to feel strong and healthy!

Many patients will feel the amazing effects of IV therapy within a couple of days- a week after treatment. The immune system will then get an immediate boost to fight hard for your body and prevent sickness from entering.

IV therapy is an excellent choice if medications are not helping when you are sick. Whether you have a cold, flu, or caught a bug, IV therapy can help ease some of your symptoms and help your body heal much faster. As IV therapy delivers nutrients and fluids directly into the arm’s vein, patients will feel much better in just a few days!

Yes! As mentioned above, IV therapy can help boost the immune system by delivering the body essential nutrients and hydration it needs much faster than any other oral supplement. When the body’s immune system is stronger, we feel much less tired and healthier, allowing us to take on whatever comes our way!

Schedule Your Immunity Bag IV Therapy Today!

To give your body a boost of energy, good health, and strong recovery, request a service for our Immunity Bag IV therapy today! We look forward to keeping the Denver, CO and Metro Area healthier and strong. Contact us today for more information on our IV therapy for immunity, and whether or not it is a fit for you!

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