NAD+ and IV therapy go hand and hand to keep athletes feeling strong and powerful during their playing season! NAD+ IV therapy is highly beneficial for keeping athletes energized and hydrated before games or recovering after their games or training are over. NAD+ IV therapy contains key ingredients the body needs after a strenuous workout or game. It helps the body heal and relax, whether exhausted or sore from playing. Replenishing the body with essential nutrients, hydration, and anti-inflammatory properties is vital for keeping athletes hydrated and healthy! Learn more about the benefits of NAD+ IV therapy and how athletes can feel stronger and play harder with U.S. Mobile Medics!

What Benefits Can NAD+ IV Therapy Provide For Athletes?

Below are just four of the benefits athletes can experience when using NAD+ IV therapy!

Athletic Strength

NAD+ IV therapy helps athletes restore the body’s strength, endurance, and functionality. NAD makes up an important part of muscle function, so giving athletes NAD+ IV therapy can keep their bodies feeling rested and strong. NAD+ helps by reducing inflammation, restoring muscle function, and preventing the risk of muscle-loss conditions as we age.

Prolonged Endurance

Keeping your endurance up during a game gives athletes a significant advantage over their competition. NAD+ IV therapy is known for providing a natural energy boost. Giving the body the fluids and nutrients it needs to thrive gives the overall body a push of energy and prolonged endurance. As an athlete, it’s normal to feel tired halfway through or close to the end of your performance. Using IV treatments beforehand will prolong your endurance, keeping your head in the game the whole time. Never feel sluggish or dehydrated with the help of NAD+ IV therapy treatments!

Improved Stamina

NAD+ IV therapy helps athletes improve their stamina during their performance. As we age, NAD levels drop. Incorporating NAD+ IV therapy into your routine as an athlete will allow you to reverse the signs of aging and keep you feeling healthy and active. NAD+ can help slow the production of inflammation in the body as you age and keep you feeling healthy and flexible. NAD+ IV therapy works to improve your stamina while decreasing pain and stiffness in the body. Continue to play and feel your best from your brain to your muscles with the help of NAD+ IV therapy for athletes!

Overall Better Athletic Performance

NAD+ IV therapy can keep athletes feeling their best on and off the field. Whether they are preparing for a big game or resting and recovering from one, NAD+ can be extremely beneficial. It helps provide the body with the essential nutrients it needs and restore any hydration that may have been lost. NAD+ may help improve performance and reaction time while improving mental clarity, giving athletes an overall better performance. It helps lift energy levels and kick fatigue to the curb so athletes can work and play hard year-round.

NAD+ IV Therapy For Athletes and Athletic Performance in Denver, CO

U.S. Mobile Medics is committed to keeping athletes healthy and strong in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. Strength, stamina, and endurance are key components of a great athlete that shouldn’t be taken for granted. With the U.S. Mobile Medics NAD+ IV therapy treatments, athletes can feel refreshed and energized to take on the next game. Whether recovering after an injury or wanting to improve their performance time and strength, IV therapy and NAD+ can help them get there. Learn more about our at-home NAD+ and IV therapy treatments, and contact us today to start feeling and performing your best!