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NS or LR, B-Complex, B12 (x2), Vitamin C (x7), Zinc (x2), Magnesium (x2), Glutathione (x4)

Myers' Platinum IV Therapy in Denver, CO

Are you feeling especially worn out? The Myers’ Platinum package is the optimum concentration of vitamins. Enhanced with B12 and Magnesium, it can increase energy levels, regulate feelings of irritability and anxiety, and support the production of red blood cells. The Platinum package also has a higher concentration of Vitamin C and glutathione to promote immunity and reduce oxidative stress within your body.

U.S. Mobile Medics is committed to helping the Denver, CO area feel its greatest! If you want to request a service for our Myers’ Platinum IV therapy treatment or want to learn more about this package, contact us today! Our team is happy to bring the vitamins, nutrients, and hydration your body needs right in the comfort of your home! Get started with us today and experience a revived and rejuvenated version of yourself!

What Is In A Myers' Platinum IV Therapy Package?

How Can Myers' Gold At-Home IV Therapy Help You?

If you’re feeling tired, lazy and want to kickstart your body as quickly as possible compared to our traditional Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy, this package is for you. Myers’ Platinum IV therapy is here to help you recover and refresh your body fast. Discover below just some of the things a Myers’ Platinum Cocktail can help you with!

Energy Boost

Boosting your energy is what the Myers' Gold Package is all about! Coming home from traveling, or looking for an added boost for the work week? The Myers' Platinum Bag is perfect for you!

Immunity Boost

Think your on the verge of getting sick, or want to keep your immune system one step ahead? An immunity boost helps give your body a kickstart it needs to keep you healthy and refreshed.

General Wellness

Sometimes a little boost of health and wellness is what every person needs. Whether you are feeling sick or rather healthy, a general wellness boost never hurt anyone!

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression is no fun and can prevent you from doing what you love. The Myers' Platinum Bag stops anxiety & depression by replenishing your nervous system with what it needs to feel good!

Improved Sleep

Difficulty sleeping through the night? The Myers' Bag an help with that! IV therapy helps by relaxing your body from stress and improving the function and quality of your sleep. Time for some Z's!

Jet Lag

Traveling around the world is fun, but feeling exhausted and mentally tired is not! Fight jet lag with the Myers' Platinum Bag by replenishing your body with the hydration & vitamins it needs to take on the day!

FAQ About Myers' Platinum IV Therapy

The Myers’ Platinum IV therapy has the highest concentration of vitamins. It is enhanced with B12 and magnesium to increase energy levels, irritability, anxiety, and other common symptoms much faster than the other Myers’ bag packages. This is designed for patients who are incredibly worn out, exhausted, or recovering from an illness. This package also has an optimum Vitamin C and Glutathione level compared to the other packages to kickstart your body fast!

All of the Myers’ Cocktails work the same way; some just have higher concentrations of nutrients and vitamins for the body. The Myers’ Cocktails work due to the effective combination of the ingredients inside the bag. These ingredients are felt more immediately than an oral supplement because they are entered into the bloodstream. Vitamin C has a powerful antioxidant effect that reduces inflammation, infection and helps you prevent illness. Magnesium helps to maintain muscle and nerve function, as well as keeping your immune system strong. The B12 and B-Complex ingredients are essential vitamins for helping boost metabolism, fight fatigue, and give you the energy boost you need.


The Myers’ Platinum bag helps those who feel drained from their busy lifestyle. If you are not sleeping well, feeling extra stressed and anxious, or feel worn out from traveling or a busy schedule, the Myers’ Platinum will get you back on track fast. It is also extremely beneficial for adults who have chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, asthma attacks, seasonal allergies, and other chronic conditions that are causing you to feel more weak and fatigued.

The effects of Myers’ Platinum and the other Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy bags can be felt for up to a month! These benefits boost your nutrition, energy, and metabolism and kickstart your immune system and body. Over time, the body loses nutrients as it utilizes them to keep you healthy and strong. Be sure to continue with additional IV therapy sessions to ensure your body feels healthy and gains all the fantastic benefits!

Schedule Your Myers' Platinum Mobile IV Therapy Today!

U.S. Mobile Medics is here to keep the Denver, CO community happy and healthy! Ready to feel revived? Request a service for our Myers’ Platinum Bag today! Immediately feel the amazing benefits of a energy boost, immune system kick, and relief of tiredness and pain. We are committed to providing the most exceptional IV therapy services for patients in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and discover a stronger you!

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