The Benefits of IV Therapy For Jet Lag

When people travel – whether for work or pleasure, they often become jet-lagged and run down. When flying at high altitudes, our bodies often become dehydrated and require more water than usual. Travelers who are always on the go and don’t have time to sleep or focus on getting sufficient amounts of water can become dehydrated and significantly run down, affecting their immune systems. With IV hydration therapy, travelers can enjoy its many benefits for their jet lag. From improving their sleep to boosting their immunity, IV therapy is a great and quick way to get people who are always on the go back up on their feet in no time. Learn some common symptoms of jet lag below and how IV therapy can help travelers as you feel energized!

Common Symptoms of Jet Lag

Jet lag (also called desynchronosis) is usually self-diagnosable. Fatigue and difficulty concentrating are possible and common symptoms of jet-lagged people. When referring to their sleep patterns, victims may experience disturbed sleep in the form of excessive daytime sleepiness, early waking, or insomnia at its worst. For the whole body and the mind, the person might have difficulty functioning at the usual level, constipation, diarrhea, other stomach problems, mood changes, or a general feeling of not being well. Also common are the feeling of irritability, indigestion, and constant headache from lack of good sleep. Though many treatment options exist, IV therapy is the fastest treatment option. 

Three Ways IV Therapy Can Help Travelers With Jet Lag

The more you cross time zones, the more jet-lagged you would feel. But that doesn’t mean you should stop traveling or sit still till you feel better. Here are three ways IV therapy can help with the symptoms of jet lag.

Helps With Sleep

The first and most prominent feeling of being jet lagged is not being able to sleep; when you can’t sleep, the body does not have the time to recalibrate. This would lead to headaches, tiredness, mood changes, and so on. But if you can get the sleep routine back on track, a significant portion has been taken care of. IV injection contains vitamins B and B complex that helps to attain better sleep cycles. To do this, the famous sleep hormone (melatonin) would be released into your body, ensuring that you sleep for the recommended hours your body needs to rest and resume again. In addition, it would promote your body’s ability to function mentally and physically for the day. 

Boosts Immunity

It’s not just about jet lag; when one part of your body is weak, all other parts help. But this is not always good because it makes your body vulnerable to attack. Remember that you are not flying alone – even if you are, you will be exposed to different environments. That is why you must keep your body’s immune system strong against attacks from pathogens. Therefore, even before going on your trip, take the prescribed IV drip to prevent your body from falling sick and becoming even more susceptible to jet lag and its symptoms.

Re-hydrates The Body

Finally, if your body is hydrated, jet lag symptoms won’t be dominant enough to make you sick or weak. The higher one travels, the dryer the air is, so the harder it is for your body to be hydrated. Knowing that dehydration comes along with bodily symptoms, including headache, worsens the feeling of being jet-lagged. IV injection is highly hydrating, and some drops before and after your flight can keep your body fluids regulated and prevent a worse case of jet lag. Also, lost vitamins in your body will be replenished, erasing fatigue, shakiness, and all feelings of weakness.  

Get Rid Of Jet Lag Symptoms and Rejuvenate Your Body Today

US Mobile Medics offer busy travelers an easy solution to their jet lag symptoms. Our IV hydration therapy services give travelers the energy and immunity boost they need. Learn more about our IV therapy services, and contact us to get started on a healthier lifestyle today!