Many people are familiar with the brutal symptoms of a hangover. From feeling sluggish, dehydrated, nauseous, and even weak, we all want to find ways to cure a hangover fast. Luckily with IV injection therapy, there is a way to relieve common hangover symptoms. When drinking alcohol, our bodies become tired and highly dehydrated. The lack of water makes us feel dizzy, weak, and extremely thirsty. IV therapy replenishes the body after a rough night out with the various vitamins and nutrients of just one IV therapy session. Learn more about common hangover symptoms many people face below and how IV therapy is a game-changer for a long night out!

Causes and Symptoms of Hangovers

The primary reason for a hangover is not a shocker to several night-lifers. But it is not just the drinking of alcohol that causes the symptoms; it is the reaction of the drink with the constituent of the stomach that does the action. Alcohol increases the stomach acid you have and then quickens the food digestion process. This will then trigger intense hunger and thirst. It also reduces your blood sugar, and these situations trigger the symptoms. The symptoms of a hangover include vomiting or nausea, abdominal pain, weakness or shakiness, fatigue and tiredness, mood swings, and in severe cases, could result in periodic seizures. 

How IV Injection Therapy Can Help With Your Hangover & Dehydration

Look below for four ways IV Injection Therapy can suppress hangover and dehydration symptoms.

Fills Your Body With Nutrients & Electrolytes

The first thing your body does when trying to get rid of alcohol is to use up excess water and nutrients. This will leave you intensely dehydrated and weak. You would need a way to quickly nourish yourself with nutrients that will boost your water and nutrient levels. IV injection contains the electrolytes (sodium and potassium), lactated ringer solution, and nutrients to help break down alcohol faster without using up what your body has stored, regulate the body’s fluid, and replace lost fluids more quickly. It is a better option because the body can absorb the injection directly into the bloodstream for quicker results. 

Relieves Headache

Headache due to a hangover is caused by a decrease in magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B2 (riboflavin), all of which are present in the IV injection. A recommended injection dose would release these nutrients in their correct proportions straight into the bloodstream. While riboflavin reduces inflammation (which results in headaches), zinc regulates the body’s neurological function, and magnesium balances the biochemical reactions between the alcohol and your body system.

Relieves Nausea

The constant feeling of wanting to throw up your guts is not pleasant, but IV injection contains some ingredients that are specifically there to get rid of that feeling. Thiamine (vitamin B1) is an essential nutrient that is needed in the body – which is also used up in the fight against alcohol. Thiamine helps to regulate digestive issues, hence, curbing nausea and vomiting. An advantage is that fluid is easily absorbed by the body, so you don’t have to worry about vomiting the content. 

Energizes Your Body

Finally, IV injection contains a ton of B group vitamins which is excellent for energy production. As they detoxify your body from the alcohol, the effect wears off quickly, and you can return to your old self. Cobalamin improves memory and cognitive function for an energized self, zinc regulates the immune system to reduce fatigue, and magnesium eliminates anxiety and weakness. Therefore, no matter how much you had the night before, you can wake up, treat yourself to the hangover rescue drip, get ready for the day, and remain energized – as if nothing happened.

Say Goodbye To Hangovers With US Mobile Medics

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