How IV Therapy Can Help This Cold & Flu Season

Cold and flu season is officially here, and so are the concerns about being sick for the holidays. As sniffling is starting all around, everyone is looking for ways to boost their immune system and remain healthy this season. Anyone who has had the flu knows how tiring it is to feel achy and have a high fever, fatigue, and other dreadful symptoms. The same goes for a cold that keeps us away from people and forces us to stay inside with tissues and cold medicine. Luckily, there are new ways to boost our immunity and stay healthy this cold and flu season with IV therapy (Intravenous Therapy). IV therapy has allowed us to feel energized and refreshed when feeling down and stuck at home in bed. Traditional medications such as cold and flu medicine may only sometimes work, not as fast as an IV therapy treatment. Learn more about IV therapy for cold and flu relief, and see how great you can feel this cold and flu season!

How Does IV Therapy Help With Cold & Flu Relief?

If over-the-counter medications and antibiotics are not working for your cold and flu, IV therapy is a great option to get you back on your feet. IV therapy for cold and flu relief combines antiemetics and electrolytes to help you feel better. This combination provides your body with hydration and nutrients that your body may lose during your sickness. Certain types of flu may cause diarrhea or vomiting, which risks dehydration and losing the vital body fluids we need. With IV therapy, you can gain all that hydration, nutrients, and more while also benefiting from shortening the duration of your cold or flu. IV therapy provides fast relief because the nutrients are entered directly into the vein and can reach the bloodstream immediately. You will start to feel the benefits and effects of IV therapy right away, allowing you to feel better in no time!

What To Expect With IV Therapy For Cold & Flu Relief

IV therapy may be new to most people, so it is important to understand what you can expect on the day of your session. When you go to your appointment, you will meet with an experienced healthcare professional and discuss the type of IV package you will receive. They may ask you a few questions about your health history and hydration goals, as well as inform you about the ingredients and more information on the session. You will sit down and relax in your own home and be able to watch tv, read, eat, or close your eyes and relax. A healthcare professional will be nearby if you need anything or have questions during your session.

Are there Any Side Effects From IV Therapy For Cold & Flu Relief?

Not many people will experience side effects from IV therapy. These side effects are minimal, as IV therapy is intended to help people feel better about various illnesses and injuries. Below are some possible side effects that some may experience:

  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Cooling sensation in the arm near the injection site
  • Redness or soreness in the arm at the site of injection

Get Cold & Flu Relief With IV Therapy at US Mobile Medics

This cold and flu season, say goodbye to feeling crappy! Boost your immunity with our IV therapy and drip hydration packages. To get started, browse our IV packages or contact us today to get started on a stronger, healthier you!