Semaglutide For Weight Management

Lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle with U.S. Mobile Medics! We offer Seamglutide weekly injections right in the comfort of your own home. If you are struggling with your weight and are looking for a solution, our Semgalutide/GLP-1 injection plan may be what your body needs. We offer a consultation before beginning this program to determine if it is right for you. Learn more below, or contact our team for more information!

Initial Consultation: $199 (includes blood work and medical assessment)

updated semaglutide regimens

Regimen 1- $399    0.25mg/week for 4 weeks

Regimen 2$399  0.5mg/week for 4 weeks

Regimen 3$449    1.0mg/week for 4 weeks

Regimen 4- $549     1.7mg/week for 4 weeks

Regimen 5 -$599     2.4mg/week for 4 weeks

Mobile IV Therapy Packages & Pricing Denver, CO

Choose from the following Mobile IV services:

NAD+ Injections and IV Therapy

Can Be Administered By Injection or IV

  • 100mg $125
  • 150mg $150
  • 200mg $200
  • 250mg $250
  • 500mg $400
  • 750mg $550
  • 1000mg $650
  • Multi-Dose Packages Speak With RN For Pricing

Build-A-Bag Service

Injection Service

  • Myers Injection Package $100

    B Complex, B12, Tri-Immune (Vitamin C, Zinc, Glutathione)

  • Single Injections $35 each

    Amino Blend, Biotin, B Complex, B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Glutathione, Lipo C, Taurine, Tri-Immune, Toradol.

Mobile Labs and Blood Work At-Home

The U.S. Mobile Medics team is bringing blood draws and lab testing at your door! We offer convenient bloodwork, lab testing, and other essential lab work that you may need, without having to leave your home! No expensive medical bills, or taking time out of your busy schedule to get your blood work or lab tests. Our team brings the healthcare to your home, and offers a variety of mobile lab services for your needs! Learn more about our different lab packages, and how our team can help you today!

healthy woman taking vitamins in her kitchen

Our Mobile Lab Packages

  • General Wellness Package
  • Complete Wellness Package
  • Male/Female Hormone Package
  • Vitamin Basic Package
  • Iron Package