IV Therapy For Athletic Performance & Training

IV therapy is known for hydrating and replenishing the body with nutrients and electrolytes it may be lacking. Some people may not be aware that it can also help with athletic performance and training for athletes. IV therapy, also known as intravenous therapy, helps boost our bodies when we are sick, tired, or hungover and aids in other conditions. IV therapy for athletic performance and training benefits by replenishing the athletes with fluids they may have lost during their training. It also can help athletes rest before and after training to help them better their overall performance. IV therapy gives athletes the extra boost they may need to work hard and perform well. Learn more about IV therapy for athletic performance and training, and discover how it can help your athletic game! 

How IV Therapy Helps Athletes

Many people stay healthy by drinking plenty of fluids and eating well with nutritious meals. For athletes, it’s harder to stay healthy and ensure they are hydrated and nutritious because of their high-intensity training and athletic performance. Before or after training or a game, athletes must ensure they are gaining back the fluids and electrolytes they used during their session. With IV therapy, they can be sure they are re-gaining complete hydration, nutrients, and vitamins and minerals. 

3 Ways IV Therapy Helps Athletes With Their Performance & Training

Learn the three ways IV therapy helps athletes with their performance and training below!

Provides Hydration

Hydration is the #1 thing all athletes need to catch up on after heavy training or performance. Exercising makes us sweat, especially during an intense workout or game. We lose lots of fluid, and as athletes, we cannot afford to lose when an important game is coming up. IV therapy is a great option to replenish our bodies and do it fast. Drinking water is excellent for hydration, but adding IV therapy allows hydration to get directly into the bloodstream so you can rehydrate more quickly. An IV contains electrolytes, so once it is combined with vitamins, it becomes a powerful infusion. 

Reduces Cramps

When we sweat and lose salt and hydration, it can cause cramping in our muscles, hurting our athletic performance or recovery. IV therapy can help reduce cramping after a workout and hydrate your body fully before your session. This reduces your chances of cramping during your workout or athletic performance and helps reduce cramping afterward. 

Promotes Speedy Recovery

IV therapy helps hydrate the body and provide it with nutrients and vitamins to keep it strong and healthy, but it also helps aid recovery. Inflammation can hurt your athletic abilities and make it hard for athletes to recover before their next performance or training. IV therapy can help prevent this with a session before your next session. An IV bag for recovery contains glutathione, other electrolytes, and antioxidants to reduce inflammation and promote speedy healing. A faster recovery means less time you have to spend off the field.

Mobile IV For Athletes in Aurora & Denver, CO

If you’re an athlete in Denver, CO, and the surrounding area and are looking for a way to improve your athletic performance and training or help with a smooth recovery, look no further than US Mobile Medics! Our mobile IV services can be performed in the comfort of your home so you can refresh and rejuvenate privately. Learn more about our IV Therapy and drip services for hydration and sports recovery, or contact us to get started today!