IV therapy used to be very rare in the last decades. It was only restricted to surgeries and labor. But now, it can be used outside the hospital to instantly supply fluid, medications, and other nutrients to the body. On the other hand, oral supplements include tablets, capsules, and liquids that are taken by swallowing with fluids or even water. Intravenous is given through a syringe attached to a needle, which is inserted in your vein and can directly enter your bloodstream. Now the question arises which one is better? Continue reading to learn the benefits of IV infusions over oral supplements.

Benefits of IV Infusions over Oral Supplements

You must be thinking, why take the hassle of IV drips or other infusions when we can take a capsule and swallow it? The answer is easy; sometimes, your body needs instant hydration, and the capsule can’t work quickly. It takes time to absorb and provide the nutrients to the body. Several benefits make IV infusions better than oral supplements. Following are some of the benefits. These are:

Better Absorption

One of the most highlighted benefits of IV therapy is its efficiency. An oral supplement takes time to consume by the digestive system and metalize by the body. On the other, nutrients introduced by IV therapy can absorb all the nutrients without bypassing any system. Furthermore, the bioavailability of IV infusions is way better and faster than oral supplements.

Improved Hydration

Every drip starts with fluid, which serves as a suitable delivery mechanism and hydrates your body much more quickly and effectively than you can do by simply drinking water. Saline and lactated ringers are the two liquids that are typically used. Saline is a fluid of water and salt calculated to have the same salt level as the human body. Sodium lactate, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium chloride are all ingredients in lactated ringers. While lactated ringers are used in most of our drips, you can make your selection.

Custom Blend

IV infusions allow you to select a blend of all the required vitamins and minerals. You can get a complete combination of all your desired nutrients. It will help you boost your immunity instantly and elevate energy levels in your body. IV therapy is also used for other purposes aside from general wellness and energy. It helps relieve migraines, hangovers, pain, anxiety, and more. Having the ability to choose a bag with other added benefits makes it an even greater advantage over traditional oral supplements. 

IV Therapy & Infusion With U.S. Mobile Medics

IV infusions are widely popular due to their numerous benefits for their users. Make sure to consult a doctor before consuming any nutrient or drug. It is also helpful in making the treatment more effective for each individual patient. Regular use of IV therapy will ultimately overcome your inflammation, dehydration, and other issues instantly, while enhancing your overall health and wellness. For further information on IV infusions and oral medications, or which option is right for you, consult our experts.