What Is Bioavailability and How Does IV Therapy Help?

Bioavailability is the amount of drug or medicated substance entering a human body’s circulation. It is the absorbed amount of medicines or nutrients by our body. IV therapy is an effective method for the 100% bioavailability of any substance. We all know that IV means the substance will directly inject into our bloodstream. On the other hand, oral medication first enters our digestive system and then releases into our blood. This phenomenon is termed “first-pass metabolism”. It reduces the concentration of the drug before entering into the blood. Therefore, IV therapy is way better and more effective than any other method for getting ideal bioavailability. Read below to learn about the benefits of IV therapy to get an ideal bioavailability in the human body. 

Benefits of IV Therapy 

Sometimes, patients need an instant of essential vitamins and nutrients. IV therapy’s bioavailability allows your body to retain nutrients quickly. You can have these nutrients through different supplements, which will take time and reduce concentration. For this reason, here are some potential benefits of IV therapy that you can easily avail yourself of. 

Instant Effects 

Medical personnel can aid a patient in recovering quickly by injecting drugs, nutrients, and fluids directly into a vein. If the person requires fluids or electrolytes instantly, for instance, in case of acute dehydration, this could be especially helpful. There is no need to wait for the nutrients and fluids to get to the body, as they are inserted right into the vein and enter the bloodstream immediately. 


Bypassing the gastric system with IV treatment allows the body to absorb more fluids without going through the digestive process. It’s a time taking process. IV therapy makes it simpler to administer medication to the target organs immediately. Compared to oral supplements, there is less time waiting for important fluids and nutrients to get where they need to be. This makes IV therapy more efficient than any other supplement out there.


A cannula may remain in place after being inserted by a medical expert for several days. This implies that they can administer the same care without repeatedly sticking a needle to administer more fluids. This makes it easier to administer and is highly convenient for getting ready for the next round of fluids or nutrients. 

Achieve Ideal Bioavailability From IV Therapy With U.S. Mobile Medics

IV therapy is a better way to have an ideal bioavailability of the administered substance. Make sure to consult your doctor before any step. Don’t take any supplements or medicine without consulting your doctor. Moreover, IV therapy is only used when the doctor recommends it. Otherwise, a balanced diet can obtain daily requirements for vitamins and minerals. To get started with IV therapy, contact U.S. Mobile Medics at 720-508-1998!