What To Expect During An IV Therapy Treatment

Do you frequently feel tired and feel like you’re not receiving enough nutrients? IV therapy is a great way to replenish your body with the vitamins and nutrients it is missing. IV therapy is also great for fighting fatigue and allergies and relieving chronic conditions as an alternative to medicine. IV therapy is not just a luxury available for celebrities. People everywhere are getting a taste of IV therapy! They love the benefits and how their overall health and wellness are thriving! Is it your first time booking an IV therapy appointment? Here is everything you’ll need to know and what to expect during your first IV therapy treatment. 

What To Expect During IV Therapy

Your first IV therapy session can be nerve-racking. Below is what to expect during an IV treatment so you can walk into your session ready to go!

The treatment starts with the administrator inserting the needle into your vein that is attached to a small tube. This tube is connected to an IV bag that contains the medications and nutrients you have chosen for your treatment. The solution will slowly drip and make its way into your bloodstream as soon as the needle is attached. 

The duration of your IV therapy treatment can vary depending on your specific needs and the medication and other components inside your IV bag. Most sessions take 15-30 minutes to complete, but the effectiveness is felt as soon as the session begins. The goal of every treatment is not only to improve your overall wellness after the session, but to feel comfortable and relaxed during your treatment. Our trained IV specialists will do everything they can to help you remain comfortable while receiving your IV therapy. Many patients take a quick nap, watch tv, read, go on their laptop, or hang out and enjoy the relief it offers.

The best part about mobile IV therapy treatments is they are performed in the comfort of your own home. This makes your treatment more personal and comfier than any hospital or medical setting. As soon as your treatment is completed, the IV specialist will remove your needle, and you will be free to continue your daily activities.

Does IV Therapy Hurt?

No! The best part about IV therapy is the initial injection is virtually painless. You may feel a slight pinch as the trained IV specialist inserts the needle into your vein. But after that, all you will feel is a cooling sensation and immediate relief, as IV therapy works fast, and patients can feel benefits as soon as they start!

Can I Move Around During My IV Therapy Treatment?

With most IV therapy treatments, you are free to move your arm for writing, scrolling on your phone, other gentle activities, or move around your home carefully. Some treatments may make you feel a little dizzy, so it is recommended to remain sitting down and comfortable until the treatment is finished.

How To Prepare For Your IV Therapy

Preparing for your IV therapy session is the best way to remove some of the nerves and confusion you may face. Below arefour ways to help you prepare for your first IV therapy session. 

1. Come with a list of medications you are currently taking

Before going to your Iv therapy session, it is essential to bring a list of all the medications you are currently taking. Regardless of prescribed or over-the-counter medications, your IV specialist needs to know what you are taking before finding what IV bag is right for you.

2. Follow any doctor’s orders

Some doctors may require certain patients to stop medications or follow a particular diet before going to IV therapy sessions. Patients must also hydrate well before an IV therapy session and any other requests your doctor may give you to seek the best results possible.

3. Write down any concerns you may have 

It is a good idea to come to your IV therapy session with concerns you may have about your body, health, or the IV treatment itself. The team of IV specialists will look through your concerns and find the best direction for your IV therapy journey. They will explain the entire IV therapy process from start to finish and any mild side effects that may occur.

4. Wear comfortable clothes

The last way to prepare for your upcoming IV session is to wear comfortable clothing. Your session requires you to sit and relax for about a half hour, so it is a great idea to wear loose and comfy clothes you don’t mind sitting in. Feeling comfortable and relaxed allows you to get the best IV therapy experience possible. 

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