Most people are afraid or tend to stay away from needles. However, with the many benefits of IV therapy and its convenience, more and more people are starting to give it a chance to see how their overall health and wellness improve. The process of IV therapy is virtually painless and straightforward. Nutrients, medication, vitamins, and more are inside an IV bag which flows through the bloodstream once the needle is dispersed into a vein. The rest is simple! The person can either lay down and relax or have it attached to an IV pole on wheels to go about their day at home until the process is over. The benefits of this therapy are endless, as the person can end their session immediately feeling better!

7 Reasons To Try IV Therapy

Still not sure about IV therapy? Here are the seven reasons to try IV therapy today!


1. Boosts energy

IV therapy helps to recharge your cells and improve mental clarity. This provides the body with energy production and a sense of relaxation. When the body’s energy levels get boosted, everything else does too. A lack of energy affects our overall health and well-being. Every day we try to do so much, cramming in one thing after another. With work, children, pets, taking care of a home, and so on, we often run out of energy. IV therapy and injections help boost those energy levels immediately, which is faster than any oral supplement. 

2. Increase nutrient absorption

IV therapy delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream, the quickest and most efficient way to give our body the nutrients it needs. According to the CDC, 10% of Americans lack the necessary vitamins and nutrients. IV therapy and injections involve direct absorption and do not let enzymes interfere when breaking down these nutrients. When you digest supplements and food, your body interacts with these digestive enzymes, which takes away from complete absorption. Continuous IV therapy allows the body to receive total nutrient absorption, feel better, and live an improved lifestyle. 

3. Hydrate your body

Sickness, lack of water, and loss of fluids from working out all contribute to dehydration in the body. The best way to give your whole body the rehydration it needs is with IV therapy. This process restores your body with antioxidants to not only restore dehydration but help prevent it. Coffee, tea, alcohol, traveling on planes, and other activities can cause dehydration if not followed by drinking tons of water. IV therapy is a quick and easy solution to hydrate the body and have you on your way!

4. Help with sports recovery

Are you suffering from a sports injury? IV therapy can help with that too! The process of IV therapy can give you the nutrients your body needs to recover and rebuild strength to perform again. Athletes demand more from their bodies, especially when performing in a game and recovering afterward. During an injury from a sporting event, it is vital to compensate for lost hydration and nutrients. With IV therapy and injections, those nutrients get delivered instantly through the bloodstream, helping you feel better and recover a little faster. 

5. Enhance immunity

After the pandemic and the realization that all kinds of sicknesses are around us, there is no better time to boost our immune system. IV therapy and injections give our immunity the supportive boost it needs to keep us feeling perky and healthy. IV therapy, like the Myers cocktail, is one of the best ways to improve immunity in the body. Myers cocktail is an IV combination of magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, and zinc. Whether in an injection or IV therapy, Myers cocktails are proven to get your immunity up, improve headaches, relieve stress, anxiety, and much more! Click to view our Myers IV Services and injections

6. Boost metabolism and promote weight loss

IV therapy is the perfect metabolism boost and fat-burning enhancement to add to your lifestyle! This type of IV is made of B vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants to trigger weight loss in the body. B vitamins are known for helping food convert to fuel, giving our bodies the chance to boost their metabolism and keep weight under control. As we age, our metabolism slows down. IV therapy and injections give our metabolism the push it needs, so we can feel a little more like when we were teenagers!

7. Cure Hangovers

Nothing is worse than waking up after a night of drinking and feeling like your head is in a blender. The headaches, the “hangxiety”, and nausea can easily make you regret all of last night’s choices. IV therapy helps you recover fast from a hangover so you can get rid of the “Sunday scaries” for good! Restoring the hydration and nutrients your body lost from alcohol can have you on the rise to a better and more productive day! 


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