U.S. Mobile Medics provides IV infusion therapy to the Commerce City, CO community. IV therapy is an excellent choice whether you are under the weather, recovering from an athletic injury, or looking to improve your already healthy lifestyle! IV therapy has excellent benefits for your body, mind, and wellness. We offer NAD+ services as well to add to your IV package or receive an injection in your home. We also provide traditional wellness injections, including Toradol, Taurine, B12, and many more that are catered to your health goals! Learn more about our services below, and discover how we can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle!

Services We Provide To Patients in Commerce City, CO:

IV Infusion Treatment in Commerce City, CO

For help with altitude sickness in Colorado, dehydration, relief from migraines, and more, turn to IV infusion treatment! U.S. Mobile Medics provides effective at-home IV therapy nourishing your body with the nutrients and hydration it lacks. IV therapy, also known as Intravenous Therapy, involves inserting a thin needle into the arm attached to an IV bag filled with nutrients, hydration, and antioxidants for the body. This is the most effective way to receive these nutrients and water compared to an oral supplement which takes longer to get into the bloodstream. We offer various IV bags depending on your health goals and needs, and our medical team is here to help you choose the right one! Browse our IV infusion treatment services, and contact us to get started!

NAD+ in Commerce City, CO

Your NAD levels drop as you age, causing you to show signs of aging. This includes wrinkles, decreased collagen production, joint pain, and more. To reverse the signs of aging, consider NAD+ services in Commerce City. U.S. Mobile Medics is excited to offer this fantastic service that provides patients with immediate relief and an energy boost. It may help with pain relief, improving eyesight and hearing. Our NAD+ service can be administered through an injection or inside your IV therapy bag and is offered in various doses for your preference. Discover the amazing benefits of NAD+ for your body by booking an appointment today!

Wellness Injections in Commerce City, CO

Improve your health and wellness with a wellness injection by U.S. Mobile Medics! Whether you want to boost your immunity or add extra health benefits to your lifestyle, our wellness injections are the perfect option. We offer B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Taurine, and more. These injections will help you feel good and look good as you further improve your lifestyle! Whether you know what your body may be lacking or need advice from our medical providers, we have the injection for you! Learn more about our wellness injections, and request an appointment today!

Choose IV Therapy For A Healthy Lifestyle in Commerce City, CO

U.S. Mobile Medics is here to help you feel happy and healthy! For help to improve your lifestyle and stay fit and active, our medical providers offer top services to get you there! Our IV therapy, NAD+, and wellness injection services provide amazing results and benefits to keep you healthy and taking on adventures. Learn more about our services, or give us a call at 720-508-1998!