Use Your HSA/FSA For IV Therapy in Denver, CO!

Did you know that U.S. Mobile Medics accepts HSA/FSA accounts for IV therapy services? We work with our patients to reduce out of pocket expenses as much as possible, and want to give you the most convenient way to receive the IV therapy, injections, and other healthcare services you need! Learn more about our HSA/FSA eligible services at U.S. Mobile Medics, and contact us to schedule your appointment!

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How To Use Your HSA/FSA For IV Therapy

Using your HSA/FSA account for IV therapy appointments with U.S. Mobile Medics is easier than ever! HSA/FSA accounts are becoming more widely accepted around the world. Using yours for IV therapy in Denver, CO couldn’t be easier! Just three steps, and you are on your way to a healthier, stronger you!


Schedule your appointment


Receive your IV therapy treatment


Pay with your HSA/FSA account

FAQ About IV Therapy Eligble For HSA/FSA

Yes, IV Therapy is considered a qualified medical expense for most HSA/FSA plans. Check with your plan first and make an appointment to get started!

For most plans, HSA and FSA are qualified forms of payment for your IV therapy services. If your HSA/FSA is a debit card, it can be charged as a normal card payment. For more information on your specific HSA/FSA account, contact us today at 720-508-1998.

Yes! Whether the IV therapy treatment is an in-office service, or at at-home mobile IV therapy treatment like U.S. Mobile Medics, it is HSA/FSA qualified. 

Using your FSA/HSA account for IV therapy has amazing benefits for patients! Using your health savings account allows you to save your own money for other personal items and purchases. It also prevents you and your family from being limited on where you can use your FSA/HSA accounts and how you can get the help you need. It also allows you to get the same quick service as if you were using your own debit or credit card for your service. Our team allows you to schedule your appointment online, or over the phone, and then provides you with any expenses/receipts needed for proof of service or reimbursement later on! HSA/FSA contributions are tax deductible, so you are basically able to write off your IV therapy treatment when you pay with your savings account!

Nope! The best part about using your HSA/FSA account is that no prescription or doctor letter is required. If you have an HSA/FSA account, you are already eligible for using it for IV therapy treatments!

Yes, all of U.S. Mobile Medics’ treatments are HSA/FSA eligible. Whether you are booking an at-home IV therapy treatment, want a B12 injection, or are interested in our Semaglutide injections for weight loss, all are HSA/FSA eligible. Contact us to schedule an appointment for one of our IV therapy, NAD+, or injection treatments today!

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Schedule Your At-Home IV Therapy With HSA/FSA Today!

U.S. Mobile Medics is proud to offer IV therapy, NAD+, and injection services that are eligible for HSA/FSA payment. Your financial and physical well-being is important to us, and we are committed to giving you the bet possible experience with all of our services! For more information on HSA/FSA accounts and how to get started, contact us today at 720-508-1998 or click to request a service below!